art garden

wood, stone, water: an art garden/ playscape

for a private client

April 2011-July 2012

2,400 sqft outdoor space

Design Phase: co-designers, Jennifer Van Winkle, artist and Emily Anderson, landscape designer

Build Phase: lead builder, Jennifer Van Winkle with build assistance from Emily Anderson
Plus several volunteers for digging, mulching and tree moving. Subcontractor, Williams Loader Service, for moving boulders, large soapstone slab and concrete tunnels.

elements: secret space, mounds, tunnels, stone garden, stone canvas for drawing, rainmaker, flowerbed of native plants, trees (new and existing), soapstone patio, river marble game, and rain barrel system
materials: cedar, soapstone, fieldstone boulders, soil, native plants, trees, stones and pebbles, stainless steel hardware, vines, marbles, patio furniture, and rain barrel system

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